Common Justice Practitioners Lab Application 

Welcome to the Common Justice Practitioners Lab Application! We are excited about your interest in joining The Lab.

This application consists of questions aimed at understanding your background and experience in the fields of violence intervention and restorative justice. The application deadline is February 16, 2024.

Before You Begin
• Estimated Time: Set aside approximately 1 hour to complete this application.
• Device Requirements: A computer with internet access is recommended for the best experience.

While Completing the Application
• Reflect on Your Experience: Many questions require introspection about your personal and professional journey in restorative justice and violence prevention. Answer each question to the best of your ability, providing as much detail as you can within the 2500 character limit.  
• Accessibility and Support: If you have any access needs or require alternative methods to participate in the application process, please let us know. We are committed to inclusivity and will work with you to ensure you can apply. 

After Submission
• Application Review: Our team will review your application and get back to you with further steps or requests for additional information. 
• Next Steps: We will be announcing successful applicants on March 15, 2024.
• Assistance: If you encounter any difficulties or have questions while before or after filling out the application, please contact RJ Maccani at for support. 
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